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Ace Payroll provides a cutting edge HRIS for all phases of employment, giving your Human Resources department and managers the information they need to effectively support your employees. Plus, we can provide access to your employees so they can view and manage their data, which will streamline your HR administration.


Easily onboard your talent, pull compliance reports and complete performance reviews.

  • New hire reporting
  • PTO management/vacation accrual management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Job history
  • Job and salary grade management
  • Certification tracking
  • Management training tracking
  • Performance management
  • FLSA Compliance
  • OSHA Events and OSHA Reporting
  • Workers Compensation Reporting
  • EEO Reporting
We make it easy to track resumes, leverage employee referrals, customize application and interview questions, filter through candidates and conduct interviews.

  • Store job description templates.
  • Have direct posting access to job boards.
  • Rate candidates as they move through the interview process.
  • Create and manage custom interview questions.
  • Reduce hiring time.
  • Reduce paperwork necessary for recruitment process.
  • Create a database for future hires.
  • Complete WOTC certification forms.
  • Get access to add-on services including video interviewing, background checks, and drug screening.
Streamline new hiring in a customizable process.
  • The module will notify the new hire and take them through all of the necessary steps, tasks and forms.
  • New hires will be able to enter information directly into the database avoiding multiple data entry throughout the process.
  • Complete Electronic W-4 and Electronic I-9 and store in employee filing cabinet (for electronic document storage).
  • Electronically deliver company documents such as employee manuals and get electronic signatures
  • Gain access to e-verify.
  • Customize onboarding templates for each position.
  • Determine fields employees are required to fill out.
  • Electronically deliver company documents such as employee manuals and get electronic acknowledgement
  • Monitor employee status through dashboard.
  • Once onboarded, all the data moves along to time, payroll, and benefits enrollment.
Provide self-service tools and improve efficiency.
  • Electronic delivery and repository of check stubs, W-2’s, 1095’s and 1099’s
  • Self service time and attendance (including time off requests)
  • Electronic request to change personal info such as address, direct deposit info, etc.
  • Approval process to accept employee change
  • Deliver employee documents and obtain electronic acknowledgement
  • Electronic management of employee filing status changes (W4)
  • Time off balances

Keep track of training, assets and discipline in one place.

  • Track Licensing and Certifications and automate email notification of expiration date.
  • Track company assets by employee.
  • Record disciplinary offenses.
  • Record and track education, skills and training.
  • Set up custom fields to track HR data currently tracked manually or in Excel spreadsheets.
  • Report on recorded HR data.
  • Have an electronic filing cabinet for employee documents.
  • Track OSHA incidents.

Pull the information you need with standard and custom reports.

  • Start with commonly used predefined fields and then add your own.
  • Simple point and click technology.
  • Simple to build formulas.
  • Run reports for a specific date or for a range of dates.
  • Reports can cross calendar years.
  • Output reports to Excel, CSV or PDF.

Drive engagement and accountability with performance appraisal tools.

  • Set up performance appraisals based on job with custom questions.
  • Have a rating system customized to your needs.
  • Set up workflow for completing and signing off on performance appraisal.
  • Automate email process to alert employees and managers of upcoming performance reviews.
  • View all historical performance reviews.

Give employees and managers more access to information they need. 

  • Stored logins – Login credentials are stored securely in the app. No more entering info each time.
  • View paystubs  View complete paystub and get a detailed look at earnings.
  • View accrual balances – View all accrual balances with just a few taps – current, pending and year-to-date taken amounts with a detailed breakdown.
  • Mobile punch – A time clock in your pocket. Employees can quickly punch in and out for work as well as for meals and breaks.
  • Time off requests – Request time off right from the phone using the intuitive calendar.

Get help managing the entire process and reduce your state unemployment costs.

  • Claims management – Scrutinize every claim and protest questionable ones.
  • Appeals review and processing – Draft and file appeals in a timely fashion to increase chances of a favorable outcome.
  • Hearings preparation and representation –Prepare witnesses and have representation during the proceeding.
  • Benefit charge audit – Audit all charges posted to your unemployment insurance tax account and protest any erroneous or unwarranted ones.
  • Tax rate verification – Analyze your tax rate and petition for a decrease if warranted.

Empower your people to do more with highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management tools.


HR Simplified

Track and analyze employees, former employees and applicants.

No Duplicates

Eliminate duplicate entry or imports with a fully integrated system.


Ensure compliance with labor laws.


Increase employee engagement and participation.

Connect Departments

Share employee data between all departments.

Maintain Documentation

Maintain documentation that’s required by labor laws.


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