Employee Engagement (Mojo)


Deliver a better work life

With this interactive platform, you can create an engaged culture where employees are collaborating, sharing feedback and achieving their goals.


Energize your company culture.

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Lively feed wall
  • Ways to share ideas and knowledge for improved collaboration between teams and departments
  • Ability to request or provide feedback
  • Performance management
  • Gamification

Enable employees to post, ask for help and share knowledge across the team.

  • The Post feature allow employees to collaborate in 4 ways:
    • Status Update
    • Ask for Help
    • Share an Idea
    • Share Knowledge
  • A post type can be disabled if not needed
  • Posts can be shared with individuals, groups or the entire company
  • Based on who the post was shared with, it will appear on the employees Feed Wall
  • If Gamification is active, employees can earn points for posting and the points can vary by post type

Bring together teams and co-workers.

  • Ability to create two group types – Open or Closed
  • Administrators can remove groups if they are not complying with company policy

Measure employee engagement and get opinions on important organizational decisions.

  • Mojo offers several different question formats and the administrator can mix and match question types to ensure they receive valuable input.
  • Question types include:
    • Text response
    • Single Answer
    • Rating Scale
    • Net Promoter Score
    • Dropdown
    • Multiple Choice Question
    • Matrix Question

Equip managers, employees and HR with a powerful tool to facilitate direct dialog.

  • Administrators can control a number of features inside the feedback tool, including:
    • Manage feedback categories
    • Control who can give feedback
    • Determine feedback visibility
    • Enable or disable anonymous feedback
    • Connect feedback to gamification
    • Tie the feedback process into broader performance management cycle
  • Managers can provide feedback in real-time
  • Employees can ask for feedback

Help ensure all employees understand what success is and the progress the individual, team and organization are making toward their goals.

  • Goals can easily be created, assigned, and tracked within the Mojo goals feature.
  • Employees will see ‘My Dashboard’ and the ‘Team Dashboard’.
  • HR Administrators can also see the ‘Org Dashboard’.
  • The dashboard will display active goals, overall progress, goals that have been aligned to broader organizational goals, along with a number of other widgets that allow the user to drill down.

This highly configurable tool simplifies the process.

  • Can be easily configured to support continuous, quarterly or annual review cycles.
  • Has the ability to integrate feedback, goals, leadership potential ratings and 360 reviews into the employee’s performance review.
  • Administrators can configure cycles and create unique templates for various departments or levels of the organization.
  • Once the administrators have created cycles and templates, the tool provides an easy-to-use dashboard that allows the HR team to control the timeline, notifications and flow of the review process.
  • Managers can view status in real­time through their team dashboard.

The 360 Degree Feedback tool enables managers to collect important feedback from all levels of the organization and even enables them to solicit feedback from individuals outside the organization.

  • Offers a predefined cycle along with more complex 360 degree processes that can be customized by employee role or department.
  • Pulls feedback directly into the core performance module.

Allow administrators to award engagement by creating contests and assigning points to various activities within the platform.

  • This feature can be easily activated and managed by administrators.
  • Allows employees to earn points for taking specific activities such as:
    • Status updates
    • Asking for help
    • Sharing ideas or knowledge
    • Responding to requests for help
    • Completing incentives and special projects
  • Administrators can set points values in a specific way to drive interaction and engagement.
  • Points can be used as a way to earn extra time off, company swag, or convert points into gift cards.

Provide tools that help employees connect, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate.



Facilitate connection and collaboration through social tools. Employees can post praise, ask for help and share knowledge across the team and organization.


Award points to team members and reward them for various activities.


Track individual goals as well as company goals that are cascaded down to the team throughout the year, not just at the annual review.


Facilitate feedback to help people grow through 360 reviews, performance reviews and real-time requests for feedback.


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