Intuitive, accurate and efficient

Our integrated payroll solution puts you in control and allows you to catch errors before you process. Plus, the multi-layered security ensures that system access is limited to the right people.


Our services extend well beyond simple automation.
  • Online payroll entry
  • Real-time payroll preview
  • Certified payroll
  • Employee self-service with pay stubs, tax documents, open enrollment, employee updates and more
  • Anywhere, any time access
  • Robust reporting for payroll, benefits, HR, compliance and time and attendance
  • Garnishment Management (including child support ACH payments, and agency checks to satisfy payments, etc.)

Unload the burdens and risks of complicated payroll tax filing.

  • Impound and pay all Federal, State and Local payroll tax liabilities
  • File quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
  • Year-end administrative services including W-2/1099 processing and ACA processing
  • SUI Management and unemployment services to help ensure accuracy, reduce costs and streamline claims processing
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and WOTC certification

Ensure your General Ledger is set up to interface with your accounting system.

  • Upload to many popular General Ledger systems
  • Customized GL exports available
  • Eliminate manual data entry of payroll deductions and expenses by your controller, accountant, bookkeeper or employee to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Provide quick access and real-time reporting into your company’s accounting software
  • Make job costing easy by tracking the costs and revenues by “job” and reporting profitability
  • Upload to many popular general Ledger systems
  • Customized GL exports available

Gain deeper insight into your Payroll Reporting with customized web-based reports.

  • Start with commonly used predefined fields and then add the fields you need
  • Simple point and click technology
  • Simple to build formulas
  • Run reports for a specific date or for a range of dates
  • Reports can cross calendar years
  • Reports output to Excel, CSV or PDF

Gain deeper insight into your Payroll Reporting with customized web-based reports.

  • Track hours using a physical clock, web clock or mobile app
  • Prevent buddy punching with a bio-metric clock
  • Mobile app with Geo tracking and Geo fencing
  • Automate labor allocation
  • Email and text message time card alerts
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Real time calculation of gross to net earnings from the time cards

Save time and money while minimizing your non-compliance risks.


Reporting Features

Generate cost center and labor distribution reports, easily export and migrate information to accounting, and create accurate cross-year reporting.

Increased Productivity and Proper Use of Labor

Let us take on the burden of keeping abreast with complicated payroll tax laws, filing documents and properly calculating employee obligations.

Tax Compliance

Avoid costly mistakes for late or incorrect filings of payroll taxes.


The quality of customer service and the nominal fee per employee make for a strong business case to outsource your payroll and tax responsibility to an expert payroll provider.


It’s fully integrated with HRIS, Time and Attendance and Benefits Management system as well as Learning and Employee Engagement (Mojo) platforms.

Ease of use

Single sign-on, dashboards and wizards guide managers through seamlessly.


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